Welcome to Liu Research Group

The Liu research Lab is located in the School of Physics and Electronics, Hunan University, China. We are a multi-disciplinary research team that pursues frontier science and technology for enabling new device structures and concepts. Combining our expertise in  semiconductor materials, micro/nano-devices fabrication, and electrical measurement methodologies, we aim to explore new schemes of manipulating, processing, and engineering semiconductor materials and devices, to enable new device functionalities and unprecedented properties.  We encourage you to browse our site and learn more about our research. Interested students and researchers are welcome to contact yuanliuhnu@hnu.edu.cn for positions in the lab.​

Group News


Two Postdoc researchers Xiaokun Yang from Shandong Univ. and Zhikai Le from East China Normal Univ.  joined the group. Welcome!


Zhiwei’s research of dry exfoliation technique for large scale 2D material is published in ACS Nano [link]. Congratulations!


Weiqi’s research of vdW gate metal for ultra-thin dielectric is published in Nano Research [link]. Congratulations!


Wenjing’s research of stencil lithography technique is published in Small [link]. Congratulations!


Liting’s research of  vdW short channel vertical transistor is published in Nat. Electronics [link] and highlighted by Nat. Electronics News and Views [link] and Tech Xplore [link]. Congratulations!


Dr. Liu is awarded Young Innovator Award in 2D Material by Nano Research. Congratulations!


Quanyang’s research of  disassembling and reassembling vdWH is published in Nat. Commun. [link]. Congratulations!


New perspective paper of  2D transistors promises and prospects is published in Nature [link] and highlighted by the EE Times [link]. Congratulations!.


Dr. Liu is listed as Highly Cited Researchers in 2020 by Clarivate Analytics.


Zhiwei Li and Lingan Kong are awarded National Scholarship for PHD students. Congratulations!.


Two Postdoc researchers Donglin Lu and Likuan Ma  joined the group.

Two master students Wei Tong and Shuimei Ding joined the group. Welcome!


Lingan’s Review of NMOS and CMOS logic functions based on 2DSC is published in Nano Res. [link]. Congratulations!


Liting’s Review of graphene-based vertical thin film transistors is published in Science China Information Sciences. [link] Congratulations!


Lingan’s research of WSe2 transistor polarity control and logic circuit is published in Nat. Commun. [link]. Congratulations!


Zhiwei’s research of 2D semiconductor strain engineering is published in Nat. Commun. [link] and is highlighted by editor’s focus [link]. Congratulations!


Dr. Liu received the support from Fok Ying-Tong Education Foundation.


Dr. Liu is listed as MIT TR35 in China region by MIT Technology Review.


Dr. Liu is listed as Highly Cited Researchers in 2019 by Clarivate Analytics.


Two doctoral students Yang Chen and Wanying Li joined the group.

Three master students Zeyi Lu, Liwang Ren, Wenjing Song joined the group. Welcome!


New perspective paper of van der Waals integration before and beyond 2D materials is published in Nature, and is featured in Nature’s 150 Year anniversary collection.


New paper of vertical thin film transistor based InAs heterostructure is published in ACS Nano.


Dr. Liu is listed as Highly Cited Researchers in 2018 by Clarivate Analytics.  


Two doctoral students Lingan Kong and Quanyang Tao join the group.

Three master students Zhiwei Li, Liting Liu, Qianyuan Li join the group. Welcome!


New paper of two-dimensional transistors beyond graphene and TMDCs is published in Chem. Soc. Rev. 


New paper of vdW integration of metal to 2D material is published in Nature.


Dr. Liu received Postdoctoral Award from UCLA, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. 


Group website is online.


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